Marina has been judging since she was 15 years old. In 2014 she awarded CCs for the first time in Beagles at Windsor Dog Show Society and in 2017 awarded CACs and CACIBs in Beagles at Dortmund’s International Bundessiger Show in Germany.

In 2016, she awarded CCs for the first time in Border Collies. Her main breeds are Beagles and Border Collies and Nova Scotia Duck Tollers (and judged Tollers at Richmond Championship show 2018) but is also a B list non specialist judge for Finnish Lapphunds, Bearded Collies, Siberian Huskies and Newfoundlands and judges many breeds (C list) across the Hound, Pastoral and Working groups and has judged best in show at general open shows. She has also judged over 900 junior handlers in the UK and Europe.


Marina awarding CAC/CACIB’s in Germany at Dortmund Bundessiger 2017


Judging best in show at Newton Abbot all breed general open show in January 2015



Beagles (A1 list – breed specialist): 

Border Collies (A1 list – breed specialist):

Nova Scotia Duck Tollers (B list – breed specialist)

Bearded Collies (B list – non breed specialist):

Newfoundlands (B list – non breed specialist): Breed exam passed

Siberian Huskies (B list – non breed specialist): Written exam passed

Finnish Lapphunds (B list – non breed specialist): Written exam passed

Rhodesian Ridgebacks (B list – non. Breed specialist)


Other breeds have judged (numbers in brackets) (highlighted breeds am on C list or above):

PASTORAL – Australian Shepherd (27), Swedish Vallhund (7), Shetland Sheepdog (91), Rough Collies (65), Smooth Collies (5), Corgi (Pembroke and Welsh) (22), Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren (17),  Groenendael (2), Hungarian Puli (6), GSD (28), Old English Sheepdog (4), Samoyed (12), Powlish Lowland (3), Pyrenean Mountain Dog (13).


WORKING – Rottweiler (44), Dobermann (57), Leonberger (9), Great Dane (22), Alaskan Malamute (22), Bernese Mountain Dog (11), Bullmastiff (4), St Bernard (1), Boxer (7).


HOUND – Irish Wolfhound (4), PBGV (4), Whippet (81), Deerhound (4), Basset Hound (1), Mini WH Dachs (12), Mini Smooth Haired Dachs (16), Pharoah (1), Borzoi (13), Greyhound (2), Afghan (6), Saluki (13).


GUNDOG –Spanish Water Dogs (2)


UTILITY – Dalmatian (10).


HANDLING – Junior and adult handling classes (889)




KC Conformation and Movement seminar – (attended 25th May 2008) Nick Bryce-Smith

KC Hands on assessment – passed (17th November 2007) Eleanor Bothwell

KC Rules and Regulations – passed (30th November 2008) Rob Dix


Beagles:        Beagle Association breed judging assessment – passed (October 11th 2008)

Beagle Club – attended (17th November 2007)


Border Collies: Midlands Border Collie Club breed judging assessment – passed (Feb 27th 2010)

Southern Border Collie Club – attended (7th October 2007)


Australian Shepherds: National Australian Shepherd Association breed judges exam (written and practical) – passed (15 April 2012)


Basset Griffon Vendeen/Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen: BGVC breeds specific seminar – attended (25 February 2012)


Siberian Husky Club – Siberian Club of Great Britain – breed seminar attended and written exam passed (20th July 2013)


Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club breed seminar attended and hands on Beardies (November 16th 2013)


Southern Finnish Lapphund Society – attended breed specific seminar and passed written exam on breed Standard (required for B list judges). (8th February 2015)


Southern Newfoundland Club – attended breed specific seminar (November 8 2015) and passed the hands-on assessment and breed judging seminar.


KC Judges Academy online critique exam – 5thNovember 2018 – pass 100%


Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK – Breed seminar attended, MCE passed and Group mentoring completed (excellent).





Have stewarded at 16 open and two breed championship shows since June 2007.

24 June 2007 Poole Canine Club Dobermanns, Rottweilers, Peter Jolley 6 classes

26 August 2007 Salisbury & DCS AV NSC Toy, CKCS, Miss C Greenatt 10 classes

10 November 2007 Poole CC Dobes, Rottweiler, Boxer, Eileen Matthews 9 classes

5 April 2008 Swedish Valhund Club open, Robert Fisher 18 classes

5 October 2008 Swedish Valhund Club CH, Britt Marie Young 20 classes

8 Nov 2008 Poole CC CKCS, Miniature Schnauzer, Bob Brampton 7 classes

13 June 2009 CNFCS Gordon Setter, Nicky Ackerley-Kemp 4 classes

Oct 4 2009 Swedish Valhund Club Society, Sid Pollock 16 classes

24 Oct 2009 Poole CC AV toy NSC, CKCS, Pug, AV Toy, Toy group, Jackie Smith 20

6 Dec 2009 Dorset County CS, Rough Collies, Shelties, Mr A Drummond 8 classes

13 June 2010 CNFCS, Keeshond, Beagles, Mrs C Wilkin and Mrs White 5 classes

27 June 2010 Poole CC, Great Dane, Sarah Richardson 3 classes

3 Oct 2010 Swedish Valhund Club CH, Per Svarstad 16 classes

14 May 2011 CNFCS, Beagles, Theresa Chapman, Whippet, L Wainman 8 classes

19 May 2012 CNFCS, Gordon Setter, Italian Spinone Vicki Lines 5 classes

18 May 2013 CNFCS, Irish Wolfhounds, AV Hound NSC, Beagles, Ridgebacks Mike Denny 15 classes


Stud book numbers

Bred/owned three Beagles with their stud book number

Owned four Border Collies with their stud book number

Owned one Nova Scotia Duck Toller with their stud book number










Judging lists

A1 list: The Beagle Club, The Beagle Association, Welsh Beagle Club, The Scottish Beagle Club, Four Counties Beagle Club, Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club.


A1 list: Wessex Border Collie Club


A3 list: The Southern Border Collie Club, Border Collie Club of GB.


B list: Midlands Border Collie Club, Border Collie Club of Wales, West of England Border Collie Club, East Anglian Border Collie Club.

B List: Southern Finnish Lapphund Society.

B list: The Bearded Collie Club, North of England Bearded Collie

B list: The Newfoundland Club. the Northern Newfoundland Club,

B list: Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of GB

B list: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of UK.

B list: Siberian Husky Club of GB.


C list: Eastern Bearded Collie Association, The Southern Newfoundland Club, National Australian Shepherd Association, South West Rottweiler Association, Basset Griffon Vendeen club (Petits and Grands), Swedish Vallhund Society, Leonberger Club of Great Britain, Alaskan Malamute Club of Great Britain, Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club, National Whippet Association, Whippet Club of Wales, Birmingham & District Dobermann Club, The Midland Dobermann Club, The North of England Dobermann Club, Afghan Hound Association, West of England (Rough) Collie Society, Norwegian Buhund Club of UK.


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