JH Book and DVD

Junior Handling The White Way, by Marina White

My first book called Junior Handling The White Way was published in 2001.

A factual book on junior handling, first published 2001

£9.99 plus £2.95 (postage and packing) – UK

BUY IT NOW by sending payment via PAYPAL to marina@juniorhandling.co.uk ensuring you click ‘friends and family option’ and leaving your address.

*If you’d like it signed by Marina, please send an additional email to marina@juniorhandling.co.uk stating the name of the person you’d like it signed to.

*For overseas sales – please contact marina@juniorhandling.co.uk for details of additional postage.

Marina Scott’s Complete Guide to Junior Handling

A DVD version of the book above, first published 2011.

A DVD version of my book was launched in 2011.

£20 plus £2 postage and packing (UK)

BUY IT NOW by sending payment via PAYPAL (please use friends and family option) to marina@juniorhandling.co.uk and leaving your address.